Boundary County is a great place to locate a business!

Airport-and-Industrial-PropertiesWhen you’re evaluating site locations, saving on business expenses is an important factor. Thanks to Idaho’s lower  costs and lower workers’ compensation insurance rates, businesses can save big by relocating to Idaho. In fact, compared to other areas of the country, Idaho is one of the least expensive locations to operate your business. When analyzing labor costs, tax rates, and energy costs, Idaho ranks as one of the lowest in the country for overall cost of doing business. For more information about advantages of locating in Idaho, go to Idaho Biz Help.

One of the greatest assets in Boundary County is in its people. We are privileged to have an abundance of skilled, community minded people. You will find people who have resided in the area for generations and are loyal employees who will be excited about your company expanding in the area. Employee output is high as a direct result of loyalty and work ethic. Idaho also has a workforce development training fund that can help offset the costs of training new employees for your business, so you’ll have a team trained and running quickly.

Key Business Advantages in Boundary County

  •     Low Utility Costs
  •     Proximity to two major highways
  •     Railroads serving two major lines (Union Pacific and BNSF)
  •     Bordered by Washington, Montana, and Canada
  •     Low crime rate
  •     Unlimited outdoor recreation
  •     Abundant natural resources
  •     Local hospital offering emergency services
  •     Available workforce
  •     Local airport
  •     Foreign trade zone
  •     Lower land cost
  •     Low housing cost
  •     High speed internet
  •     Low insurance rates
  •     Lower taxes

The Boundary Economic Development Council’s board consists of local area leaders who are ready to assist a new or existing industry in identifying opportunities, anticipate problems, answer questions and find solutions for relocation and expansion efforts.